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Bit Shifter – Live Chipmusic at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Most of us chipmusic fans would love to attend Blip Festival, but travelling to New York isn’t always a viable option.  For those like me who missed it, Bit Shifter has posted up a recording of his set : Bit Shifter Live at Blip Festival 2009

01. Untitled (Live) (03:22)
02. Reformat The Planet (Live) (04:30)
03. Cock Block Disco (Live) (04:19)
04. Maneuverer (Live) (03:01)
05. Rough Weather (Live) (04:11)
06. Easy Prey (Live) (03:44)
07. Winning The War On Pseudoscience (Extended Version) (Live) (02:26)

This is a great chiptune set and although I’m happier for having heard it, I’m slightly saddened that I couldn’t be there.  Maybe next time?

Receptors – “USER Deluxe” – New EP Release

receptors-user-deluxe-8bit-chiptune-bitpopWith the release of the Korg MS-10 emulator on Nintendo DS, it was only a matter of time till we saw a significant release using this exciting soft synth.

The Receptors latest EP “USER Deluxe” makes extensive use of the DS-10.  It works well and just goes to show the musical and technical genius underneeth chiptune music.  Don’t fret, there are still plenty of 8bit inspired sounds to be found and this latest release has been accepted into the warm and loving arms of 8BitPeoples and can be downloaded for free from their site here: Receptors – User Deluxe