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SammichSID Construction Video

The SammichSID is a DIY synth : You get a box of empty circuitboards and little bags of components and you have to build the sucker yourself.   Behind the scenes, the tones are generated by two SID chips which are lifted from the Commodore 64 (C64) and arranged in a stereo pair.   You have MIDI inputs as well as stereo inputs and outputs which is all the connectivity you need….OK well maybe a MIDI Thru would be nice but this will do for now.

See my other post for a live techno chiptune demo of the SammichSID

I decided to made a time-lapse video of the contruction process, so enjoy!  (music by Reborn)

Live demo of the SammichSID

This is a dirty techno chipmusic mix I did to demonstrate my SammichSID synth.   This was performed live with additional filth provided by an Access Virus an Yamaha RM1x.  I think you’ll agree the SammichSID is a filthy, dirty synth well suited to hard techno.  Not bad for a soundchip from a 30 year old 8bit computer eh?

Durty (Live SammichSID) by Reborn

You should also check out the timelapse video of the SammichSID contruction