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Minusbaby- Derecha

Chiptune - Minusbaby - Derecha - Chipmusic For me, possibly the best Chipmusic of 2009 was from minusbaby.  “Left” as well as being technically acomplished, was a musical journey leaving me with the feeling of having been somewhere, a place I choose to revisit every once in a while.

It’s hard to believe it was over a year ago, but thankfully minusbaby has returned to save us all with his latest release from 8bitpeoples : Derecha

Click for Free MP3 Download

Bit Shifter – Live Chipmusic at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Most of us chipmusic fans would love to attend Blip Festival, but travelling to New York isn’t always a viable option.  For those like me who missed it, Bit Shifter has posted up a recording of his set : Bit Shifter Live at Blip Festival 2009

01. Untitled (Live) (03:22)
02. Reformat The Planet (Live) (04:30)
03. Cock Block Disco (Live) (04:19)
04. Maneuverer (Live) (03:01)
05. Rough Weather (Live) (04:11)
06. Easy Prey (Live) (03:44)
07. Winning The War On Pseudoscience (Extended Version) (Live) (02:26)

This is a great chiptune set and although I’m happier for having heard it, I’m slightly saddened that I couldn’t be there.  Maybe next time?

She – Orion. New album finally released!

She - Orion

After what seems like a very long wait, the album from she, “Orion” has been released. It is available for download from iTunes, Amazon as well as physical CD from

Find out more about She on the She Website. Or on the She Myspace page.

There is also an Orion Minisite.

Link to Orion CD from YesAsia

Feel free to post comments here on what you think of the new album!

Anamanaguchi Announce US Tour

Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis

Anamanaguchi Album - Dawn Metropolis

Anamanaguchi have just announced dates for their US tour. There are 22 dates accross the US from New York to Chicago and Los Angeles up to Seattle. This is a very big tour for the Bitpop scene and certainly the largest for Anamanaguchi.

Sadly, there is no sign of a UK tour this year. The band’s previous attempt in 2007 resulted in them being turned around by immegration for not having a work permit. Let’s hope they can get an application in soon and do some UK dates!

8.06.09 | NEW YORK, NY ♫
8.08.09 | BALTIMORE, MD
8.09.09 | WASHINGTON, DC
8.11.09 | RICHMOND, VA ♫
8.12.09 | LEXINGTON, KY ♫
8.14.09 | DAYTON, OH ♫
8.15.09 | CHICAGO, IL ♫
8.16.09 | CHICAGO, IL ♫
8.17.09 | CHICAGO, IL ♫
8.18.09 | CLEVELAND, OH
8.19.09 | AKRON, OH
8.20.09 | ROCHESTER, NY
8.21.09 | PITTSBURGH, PA
8.27.09 | LOS ANGELES, CA
8.28.09 | LOS ANGELES, CA
9.02.09 | PORTLAND, OR
9.03.09 | SEATTLE, WA
9.04.09 | SEATTLE, WA
9.05.09 | SEATTLE, WA
9.06.09 | SEATTLE, WA

♫ = playing w/ STARSCREAM

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