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Magfest 14 (2016) – Ninja Sex Party (NSP) and TWRP Live

TWRP performing live at Magfest 14. With a surprise appearing from Ninja Sex Party (from about 30 mins in)

This is pretty damn epic!!

MAGFest 13 – Live Chipmusic Showcase

A pretty epic video taken from the Music And Gaming Festival, MAGFest 13. There’s nearly three hours here. Enjoy!

Performances by
Danimal Cannon
Jake “Virt” Kaufman
Trey Frey

Maniac Of Noise – Jeroen Tel Live

I must admit, I didn’t realise that Jeroen Tel from Maniacs of Noise was still composing 8bit music and DJing it to a live audience.

This is a great 40 minute bitpop set!

BUBU Live at Tevel Level

I don’t know much about this, but it’s some banging 8bit chipmusic!

More chiptunes on BUBU’s Soundcloud here :

8GB Live in Tokyo 2010

Blip Festival 2010Drum and bass,  electronica, blip-master 8GB has just released a digital album of his 2010 chipmusic performance at the Blip Festival Toyko.  A clever blend of 8bit gear and modern quipment, 8GB gets the Bitpop thumbs up every time!

8GB Live in Toyko 2010 is available for immediate FREE digital download here

Why are you still reading? Download now!!!

OK, you want more?  You can download his previous (pure chiptune and total GENIUS) album Pravda from 8bitpeoples

This is so hot off the press I’m only listening to it myself right now.  I’m sure I’m hearing some tributes to MinusBaby here – I APPROVE!

UPDATE: OK, so I finished listening – wish I was there so bad!  Good work Akira!

DSi Flipnote Studio Used In Music Video

When Billy Polard decided to make a video to his song “When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted”, did he use After Effects? No. Premier? No. Maybe some Flash? No. He picked up his Nintendo DSi and using Flipnote Studio made this fantastic video. Very emotional and fits the song perfectly. Intense.

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