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Gameboy to MIDI converter – LSDJMC^2 from Low-Gain Audio

LSDJMC^2 - Gameboy To MIDI syncThe LSDJMC^2 finally arrived from Low-Gain Audio.  This little box of tricks allows you to sync your Gameboy (Classic DMG, Lite or Color) to your MIDI rig to expand your chipmusic horizon.  It has MIDI In, Out and a Thru.   It follows the FirestARTer protocols as used in Littlesound DJ, so this means you can do MIDI Sync, or simply use the Gameboy as a MIDI sound module.  SWEET!

I’ve not had chance to play with this one yet, but here’s a sexy pic of it among it’s siblings.    I will be testing the unit with MIDI sync from Cubase SX and VST5/32, as well as sound module mode.   I also plan to test it in a live rig using the Yamaha RM1X as a MIDI sync source, then passing through to the Access Virus Classic for timecode sync for arpeggiators, synced effects etc.  This should prove to be a formidable live rig for chiptune.    Stay tuned for updates and video clips of the LSDJMC^2 in action.

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