Covox – Live in Tokyo at Blip Festival 2012

Some great 8bit chipmusic from Covox here. Sounds like he’s using a fair amount of outboard so this is BitPop through and through! Enjoy!

Highlights for me are 6:15 on and 12:10 onwards.

Live Belgian Bitpop from “We Are Enfant Terrible”

Maniac Of Noise – Jeroen Tel Live

I must admit, I didn’t realise that Jeroen Tel from Maniacs of Noise was still composing 8bit music and DJing it to a live audience.

This is a great 40 minute bitpop set!

Live acoustic bitpop jam from “I Fight Dragons”

Wow, two posts in one day!   But I had to share this.  This is what BitPop is all about!   A nice live coming together of acoustic intruments and 8bit consoles care of the awesome “I Fight Dragons”.

Good work guys :)

8BitWeapon and ComputeHer rocking it live at the “Whisky A Go Go” Hollywood.

Hey there BitPopPickers!! Long time no post!

You know how it is, busy, busy, busy!   Not much to show you all yet, but here’s a new vid from 8BitWeapon and ComputeHer.  Enjoy!

BUBU Live at Tevel Level

I don’t know much about this, but it’s some banging 8bit chipmusic!

More chiptunes on BUBU’s Soundcloud here :

8GB Live in Tokyo 2010

Blip Festival 2010Drum and bass,  electronica, blip-master 8GB has just released a digital album of his 2010 chipmusic performance at the Blip Festival Toyko.  A clever blend of 8bit gear and modern quipment, 8GB gets the Bitpop thumbs up every time!

8GB Live in Toyko 2010 is available for immediate FREE digital download here

Why are you still reading? Download now!!!

OK, you want more?  You can download his previous (pure chiptune and total GENIUS) album Pravda from 8bitpeoples

This is so hot off the press I’m only listening to it myself right now.  I’m sure I’m hearing some tributes to MinusBaby here – I APPROVE!

UPDATE: OK, so I finished listening – wish I was there so bad!  Good work Akira!

DSi Flipnote Studio Used In Music Video

When Billy Polard decided to make a video to his song “When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted”, did he use After Effects? No. Premier? No. Maybe some Flash? No. He picked up his Nintendo DSi and using Flipnote Studio made this fantastic video. Very emotional and fits the song perfectly. Intense.

IAYD @ Fantastic Fest 2010 – Datapop 4.0 Highball Austin

Just how far can you go with a 20 year old Gameboy? This far! This is why IAYD is a legend and this is why I love 8bit chiptunes!

VIA Balgosa on YouTube

A taster of some BitPop from Reborn

This is a live jam of one of the tunes appearing on Reborn‘s upcoming Bitpop album.  Features a SammichSID for some authentic chiptune sounds.  Note the Gameboy DMG01 on the top shelf.  It’s not used in this clip, but it’s making quite a few appearances in new tracks.

Dyztrk – Dyzko Live 8bit Technologic at eX Plaza Indonesia

It’s all happening in Indonesia! He’s one of the vid clips by Dyztrk playing at eX Plaza Thamrin. There’s a blend of new and old here for a great bitpop sound.

This is the same venue (or chain) where we saw Toys of Vega. It’s great to see such great local support for the chip scene! If only all communities were so supportive.

UK EVENT – Chipfest 5 at Liverpool Bar Samui

Late notice, but here goes :

UK Chiptune Chipmusic 8bit eventWHO?
Henry Homsweet (
UK House/Trance hero who this year alone has been on a massive USA tour with Sabrepulse/Anamanaguchi/Starscream, performed at the Slam Dunk festivals in Leeds/London and performed in France!

Jellica (
Cambridge nutter who makes music with dirty basslines and wonky melodies – for fans of noisy stuff!

Fluxxin (
Blackpool-resident and Hard House creator, who has performed with the likes of KillaFlaw, RunRiot and has been featured in hallowed publications such as Computer Music and even featured on Teletext!

gwEm (
The creator of legendary Atari ST program maxYMiser, gwEm describes himself as an “Atari ST Old Skool Rave DJ and Heavy Metal dude” which succinctly describes his mad scientist formula of 8bit, hardcore rave and driving hard rock guitar which has seen success on Berlin’s Shitkatapult and Muller records, his own London based label preromanbritain, and net community Micromusic.

AdamGetsAwesome (
AdamGetsAwesome (or Adam to his mates) is ex-New York, now an 8-bit nomad spreading his infectious dance music throughout the whole of Europe – this marks his first UK performance, and is definitely worth a listen!

**New!** LastKnight on Visuals/DJ set!

We’re offering a limited “open mic” space for performers – we’re providing one 3.5mm stereo cable, and a microphone – you provide the music! Game Boys and mp3 players only please – there’s only 30 minutes of available time, and it’s a one-song (or 5 minutes) timeslot only – be sure to arrive early to put your name on the list!

Bar Samui
Hardman St
L1 9AX
(next door-but one from Bumper)

Friday 13 August 2010, 10pm-3:30am

18+ only £4 entry

8-Bit ‘Splosion concert & workshop – August 14, 2010 in Los Angeles

8-Bit ‘Splosion concert & workshop – August 14, 2010 in Los AngelesChipmusician and performer KoolSkull has organized a free chiptune concert for all ages in Los Angeles, CA.

“This event is one part performances, and one part workshop, teaching people how to make chip music.” says KoolSkull. “We will be offering CD’s with free software pre-loaded, and we will raffle off some prizes! I will be personally showing you how to use ‘Little GP Tracker’.”

The event kicks off Saturday at the Echo Park Library and includes performances from the following LA Based chiptune performers listed below, as well as a talk with the artists and a workshop for the tracking program LGPT (little gp tracker). It should be a great event for both long time chiptune fans and for those newcomers that are interested in learning more about the music and culture of chiptunes.

Full show details:
August 14th, 2010
2PM – 5PM

Echo Park Library
1410 w. Temple st.
Los Angeles, CA, 90026

Performances by:
The Silph Scope -
Rock Kandy -
Mike Bleeds -
WizWars -
Wet Mango -

via GameMusic4All

Minusbaby- Derecha

Chiptune - Minusbaby - Derecha - Chipmusic For me, possibly the best Chipmusic of 2009 was from minusbaby.  ”Left” as well as being technically acomplished, was a musical journey leaving me with the feeling of having been somewhere, a place I choose to revisit every once in a while.

It’s hard to believe it was over a year ago, but thankfully minusbaby has returned to save us all with his latest release from 8bitpeoples : Derecha

Click for Free MP3 Download

Toys of Vega – Live

This is a pretty banging live chiptune from Toys of Vega, clearly a very talented chipmusician! Great quality video to boot.  This is a very full sounding chiptune considering there’s only one DMG in use (that I can see anyway).   Enjoy!

SammichSID Construction Video

The SammichSID is a DIY synth : You get a box of empty circuitboards and little bags of components and you have to build the sucker yourself.   Behind the scenes, the tones are generated by two SID chips which are lifted from the Commodore 64 (C64) and arranged in a stereo pair.   You have MIDI inputs as well as stereo inputs and outputs which is all the connectivity you need….OK well maybe a MIDI Thru would be nice but this will do for now.

See my other post for a live techno chiptune demo of the SammichSID

I decided to made a time-lapse video of the contruction process, so enjoy!  (music by Reborn)

Live demo of the SammichSID

This is a dirty techno chipmusic mix I did to demonstrate my SammichSID synth.   This was performed live with additional filth provided by an Access Virus an Yamaha RM1x.  I think you’ll agree the SammichSID is a filthy, dirty synth well suited to hard techno.  Not bad for a soundchip from a 30 year old 8bit computer eh?

Durty (Live SammichSID) by Reborn

You should also check out the timelapse video of the SammichSID contruction

Bit Shifter – Live Chipmusic at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Bit Shifter live at Blip Festival 2009

Most of us chipmusic fans would love to attend Blip Festival, but travelling to New York isn’t always a viable option.  For those like me who missed it, Bit Shifter has posted up a recording of his set : Bit Shifter Live at Blip Festival 2009

01. Untitled (Live) (03:22)
02. Reformat The Planet (Live) (04:30)
03. Cock Block Disco (Live) (04:19)
04. Maneuverer (Live) (03:01)
05. Rough Weather (Live) (04:11)
06. Easy Prey (Live) (03:44)
07. Winning The War On Pseudoscience (Extended Version) (Live) (02:26)

This is a great chiptune set and although I’m happier for having heard it, I’m slightly saddened that I couldn’t be there.  Maybe next time?

Receptors – “USER Deluxe” – New EP Release

receptors-user-deluxe-8bit-chiptune-bitpopWith the release of the Korg MS-10 emulator on Nintendo DS, it was only a matter of time till we saw a significant release using this exciting soft synth.

The Receptors latest EP “USER Deluxe” makes extensive use of the DS-10.  It works well and just goes to show the musical and technical genius underneeth chiptune music.  Don’t fret, there are still plenty of 8bit inspired sounds to be found and this latest release has been accepted into the warm and loving arms of 8BitPeoples and can be downloaded for free from their site here: Receptors – User Deluxe

She – “Orion” – New Album Review

It’s been a few weeks since the release of the latest album from she.  You’ll have to excuse me for taking so long over it, but there’s been a lot of thought, deliberation and re-listens gone into it.

As you may have read on my artist review of Lain Trzaska, the music of she is often more than meats the eye, or rather the ear.  There is an ongoing story told through the medium of music which links several songs, EPs and albums together. Notably Days, Coloris and now Orion.   This makes a review quite a tricky task as I think it’s only fair to review the technical and musical aspects as well as the underlying story (as I see it).

she-orion-coverMany of she’s albums have dramatic introduction tracks and this is no exception. The album opens with the escape of our heroine Sarah from her research lab prison, sirens blare as we hear her gasp to catch her breath as she escapes from the security drones.  The opening synth line let’s us know we are listening to a she album, the guitar-like screech and echoing piano are unmistakable she trademarks.

Onto the opening track Atomic. This is a banging track with a great melody, but I felt instantly let down when first listening. Lain has used the sidechain compression effect to emphasize the thumping kick drum.  I’ve never been a fan of this effect and most people got bored of it a year or two ago and it’s thankfully died away, yet Lain has chosen to use it here.  What is worse, the compression has been set far, far to harsh meaning that you can’t even hear the underlying music most of the time.  It’s a real shame as this would have been the best track on the album if the effects hadn’t been so badly done. I’d love to hear this track without the rediculous compression.

coloris-dancing-girlRant over, it’s on to Moonlight. This is a great downtempo house track and you really feel like you’re in a european nightclub, some nicely filtered piano and strings give a bright edge to the music. There’s more sidechain (or a limiter) here, but it’s been done properly and doesn’t assault my already offended ears. I’m beginning to forgive Lain and get back into the feel of this album. In this track we are reintroduced to the “Dancing Girl” from Coloris.

Computer Music is loaded with 8-bit pulsewave synthlines and sampled guitars, a cracking track which reveals she’s chiptune roots.  However, more sidechain compression…*sigh*.   Our two heroines meet and escape together.

The two take a Ride together.  You get a real feeling of movement and even catch the occasional bit of futuristic traffic whizzing by.  The 303 lead line is really catchy and again reveals Lain’s heritage and wide range of musical skills.

Their journey leads them Home and onto a more relaxed vibe.  Pianos, drifting pads and tinkling lead on to an instrumental guitar piece.  I still can’t decide if this is sampled and sequenced, or played live and multitracked, or a mixture of both. But it doesn’t matter, this is a nice relaxing instrumental.  The keychange and chord sequence in the middle bring out a dark edge, but we’re back into a lighter note before then end of the song.  A clever piece of work.

The next track is a real confusion, it’s a remix of the introduction to the Chiptek album so I’m not sure why it’s here.  The compression is once again set ridiculously high, but compression speed has been set incorrectly so that the percussion and drums loose all their punch. It’s a very flat sound.  I’m sorry for getting so technical, but I’m despairing with the overproduction.

she-cityBack on track again with See You Again. Clearly this is the point in our story where the girls part ways and go on their separate journeys. No doubt the Dancing Girl is off to a new and exciting club and Sarah continues her evasion of the forces who would have her re-incarcerated. It’s a very jolly track with very cute sounding Japanese vocal.  I’m still waiting for a translation of the lyrics and will be sure to post them up as soon as I have them. Let’s hope it’s some clues and insights into the ongoing she storyline!  The final half of this track is a powerful and driving rhythm which really uplifts you, this is what I love about Lain’s music.

As I see the next song title appear, I’m once again confused and slightly disappointed.  Generic Eric is a track released some time ago as an April Fool surrounding the non-release of the upcoming Nights album.  Lain himself declared this is a song he quickly knocked up in 3 hours for a radio show. It plays no part in the storyline.  That said, if you didn’t know that, the song fits in well and you’d probably be wondering who Eric is and how does he help Sarah?

Elemental Nights is another chilled out number which leads us on to the end of the album, the title track : Orion.

She - Orion

Again, this track has Lain’s trademarks all over.  It has the real feel of the end of a Hollywood blockbuster. Some snippets of Japanese speech again tease the listener…what’s being said?   Is it part of the story? A final clue as to Sarah’s fate?  Did she get away or meet a sticky end?  I could listen to this song over and over (in fact, I hit rewind a few times).  Some lovely 8 bit sounds and a glistening bright and emotional edge to this closing track.

This may have been a harsh review, but it’s only because I’m such a fan of Lain and know all of his work well. Before I listened to Orion, I familiarised myself with the previous album release Coloris.  A review of Coloris will follow, but to be brief, it’s a album which has more instant appeal and on the face of it is a superior album to Orion.

So, Orion is a flop then?  NO, not at all.  I’ve re-listened to Orion more times than I can count and once you get past the glaring production and mastering errors (did I forget to mention the annoying -2 second gap between each CD track?) and the use of some filler tracks, this is a great, great album in it’s own right.  Although there’s not the instant appeal of Coloris, Orion has perhaps more of a lasting appeal and is a great showcase of Lain’s work.

If you’re into Bitpop, Chiptune or just a fan of electronica, this is essential listening.  Coloris sold out very quickly, so be sure to get over to YesAsia and order your copy now!  (or download from iTunes or Amazon if that’s your bag).

The next release from she will be the long anticipated Nights album. The name suggests a further continuation of the ongoing storyline which started with Days.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do to pass the time….oh, what the hell, I’ll put Orion on again!