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Covox – Live in Tokyo at Blip Festival 2012

Some great 8bit chipmusic from Covox here. Sounds like he’s using a fair amount of outboard so this is BitPop through and through! Enjoy!

Highlights for me are 6:15 on and 12:10 onwards.

Live Belgian Bitpop from “We Are Enfant Terrible”

Live acoustic bitpop jam from “I Fight Dragons”

Wow, two posts in one day!   But I had to share this.  This is what BitPop is all about!   A nice live coming together of acoustic intruments and 8bit consoles care of the awesome “I Fight Dragons”.

Good work guys 🙂

8BitWeapon and ComputeHer rocking it live at the “Whisky A Go Go” Hollywood.

Hey there BitPopPickers!! Long time no post!

You know how it is, busy, busy, busy!   Not much to show you all yet, but here’s a new vid from 8BitWeapon and ComputeHer.  Enjoy!

IAYD @ Fantastic Fest 2010 – Datapop 4.0 Highball Austin

Just how far can you go with a 20 year old Gameboy? This far! This is why IAYD is a legend and this is why I love 8bit chiptunes!

VIA Balgosa on YouTube

A taster of some BitPop from Reborn

This is a live jam of one of the tunes appearing on Reborn‘s upcoming Bitpop album.  Features a SammichSID for some authentic chiptune sounds.  Note the Gameboy DMG01 on the top shelf.  It’s not used in this clip, but it’s making quite a few appearances in new tracks.

UK EVENT – Chipfest 5 at Liverpool Bar Samui

Late notice, but here goes :

UK Chiptune Chipmusic 8bit eventWHO?
Henry Homsweet (
UK House/Trance hero who this year alone has been on a massive USA tour with Sabrepulse/Anamanaguchi/Starscream, performed at the Slam Dunk festivals in Leeds/London and performed in France!

Jellica (
Cambridge nutter who makes music with dirty basslines and wonky melodies – for fans of noisy stuff!

Fluxxin (
Blackpool-resident and Hard House creator, who has performed with the likes of KillaFlaw, RunRiot and has been featured in hallowed publications such as Computer Music and even featured on Teletext!

gwEm (
The creator of legendary Atari ST program maxYMiser, gwEm describes himself as an “Atari ST Old Skool Rave DJ and Heavy Metal dude” which succinctly describes his mad scientist formula of 8bit, hardcore rave and driving hard rock guitar which has seen success on Berlin’s Shitkatapult and Muller records, his own London based label preromanbritain, and net community Micromusic.

AdamGetsAwesome (
AdamGetsAwesome (or Adam to his mates) is ex-New York, now an 8-bit nomad spreading his infectious dance music throughout the whole of Europe – this marks his first UK performance, and is definitely worth a listen!

**New!** LastKnight on Visuals/DJ set!

We’re offering a limited “open mic” space for performers – we’re providing one 3.5mm stereo cable, and a microphone – you provide the music! Game Boys and mp3 players only please – there’s only 30 minutes of available time, and it’s a one-song (or 5 minutes) timeslot only – be sure to arrive early to put your name on the list!

Bar Samui
Hardman St
L1 9AX
(next door-but one from Bumper)

Friday 13 August 2010, 10pm-3:30am

18+ only £4 entry

SammichSID Construction Video

The SammichSID is a DIY synth : You get a box of empty circuitboards and little bags of components and you have to build the sucker yourself.   Behind the scenes, the tones are generated by two SID chips which are lifted from the Commodore 64 (C64) and arranged in a stereo pair.   You have MIDI inputs as well as stereo inputs and outputs which is all the connectivity you need….OK well maybe a MIDI Thru would be nice but this will do for now.

See my other post for a live techno chiptune demo of the SammichSID

I decided to made a time-lapse video of the contruction process, so enjoy!  (music by Reborn)

Live demo of the SammichSID

This is a dirty techno chipmusic mix I did to demonstrate my SammichSID synth.   This was performed live with additional filth provided by an Access Virus an Yamaha RM1x.  I think you’ll agree the SammichSID is a filthy, dirty synth well suited to hard techno.  Not bad for a soundchip from a 30 year old 8bit computer eh?

Durty (Live SammichSID) by Reborn

You should also check out the timelapse video of the SammichSID contruction

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