Boy Meets Computer – New EP – “Late Night”

bmc-Dan-TalA new Bitpop band have entered the fold, going by the name of “Boy Meets Computer“, they combine classic beeps and bloops with male and female vocal duets to great effect. Vocals are provided by Dan Mehlhose and Tal Wilner. Both are clasically trained pianists with Dan providing the instrumental performance, mixing and mastering on the EP. They hail from Detroit, so what’s the new Motown sound? Let’s find out!

The new EP “Late Night” is a three track introduction to the bands sound. Opening with the “Underage Drinking Song”, we are treated to some opening squidgy synths before the band’s trademark vocal exchanges and harmonies which have me thinking of the B-52s, The Vaselines and maybe even a bit of early REM.

bmc-frontNext on into SALTTS or judging by the lyrics, Sing Along To This Song. A dictatory journey into synth music production which is just so annoyingly catchy. The out of tune synth solo harkens back to a Cobain solo (and I don’t think I can pay a bigger compliment than that!) giving me a feeling of just what post-grunge means (or should have been). Again at the final chorus I find myself thinking of the Vaselines.

Finally onto the little gem of the EP. “My Best Friend (is dead)”. More of the same beeps, bloops with some simply devine harmonies which have you rewinding back for a second listen.  I was that taken in by the arrangement and organic production that I barely noticed the lyrical content, but maybe we can assume that someone died…and they were perhaps someone’s friend?  My only possible criticism of the EP is that

  1. I’m not sure they’re acutally using any genuine 8-bit kit and are perhaps mimicing the sound using vintage synths
  2. This last song is far too jolly for the subject matter

But I don’t care, I’m already hitting rewind and synching the MP3s to my generic portable media player.

An accomplished first EP from this bitpop Detroit band which you can download from their website :

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